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Scalable Safety Solutions

Scalable Safety Solutions

Scalable, smart safety solutions allow you to select the level of integration and size that you need. This offers you the options to apply the appropriate safety solutions that best fit your applications.

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Safety relays with standard controllers

This option offers you dedicated functions for dedicated safety requirements that are hardware configurable, scalable and flexible.

Configurable safety relay with standard controllers

This option offers you the ability to software configure your required safety functions and allows more flexibility than relay based solutions. Configuring the safety functions can be achieved using Connected Components Workbench Software or Studio 5000 Engineering Environment.

Integrated safety

This option offers you the ability to use standard and safety control in one controller. It also allows you to use safety functions integrated into variable frequency drives, servo drives, standard and safety I/O (integrated or separate) and many other devices. Standard and safety control is also managed across an EtherNet/IP network, based on standard, unmodified ethernet. It also allows you to program safety functions the same way you program standard functions with Studio 5000 Engineering Environment.